So my parents delivered a bag of junk from a drawer of mine at their house. They’ve slowly been unloading my never-ending belongings as they look towards moving someday when their house sells. And so this bag of junk is “542 insights into my soul” as a sixth-grader. Wow. There were the typical notes from friends and useless plastic objects, white-tailed deer report I got a B on, languages I invented(Tarbuney, in case it becomes an actual dialect somewhere, I’d like the credit!), . . . but everything was from sixth grade. Must have been the last time I cleaned that drawer!

I laughed quite a lot the night I went through it all. There was one paper that was all crumpled up that really made me chuckle.

In no particular order six phobias were listed(words in parenthesis are words I am adding):

brontophobia – fear of lightening (also includes thunder – interesting. . . brontosaurus, the thunder lizard! You learn something new everyday.)
photophobia – fear of light
linonophobia – fear of string (ooooo. . .scary)

bymnophobia – fear of nudity (pretty sure I misspelled this one because this isn’t a word, but gymnophobia is and it is fear of nudity)
ombrophobia – fear of rain (or of being rained on)
galeophobia – fear of sharks (which it isn’t, its actually fear of cats. Selachophobia is the fear of sharks.)
I would like to add phobophobia – the fear of phobias. For other interesting fears, in case you need some check out The Phobia List.

(photo: Twine 4 from flickr. World’s Largest Ball of Twine Rolled by One Person, Francis A. Johnson. Eddy and I actually took a grueling July day and travelled to see this monstrosity, which I could see causing a phobia of some kind. Its big, that’s all I gotta say. . .its even sagging a bit from decomposing, so its less of a ball, more of a russian tea cake. We bought the bumper sticker.)

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