I feel like my senses are heightened now as I emerge into the out-of-doors shedding the winter scales from my eyes. This morning I cut a tulip from the garden, bud still tightly clenched. The kids were all a twitter as I put it in a vase on their table in the kitchen. We left it to go finish Sesame Street and I returned only minutes later to see it wide open and ready for the day. Almost like it had taken a sip of coffee and woke up. It took me a little off-guard, so simple and so stunning in its brilliant color. I’m glad I took its picture because soon after the kids ran in and mangled it, wanting to touch its softness and smell its blank scent.

I’m enjoying reclaiming our neighborhood as I break ground for a “series” of butterfly gardens in the front yard. Ambitious, some might say. Necessary, I say. I love digging into and investing myself in our tiny plot of land, even though “we’re just a passing through.” Its a reflection of who we are and what we value. In its own ambitious way, I hope that it takes passersby a little off-guard by the break in monotony(even the spelling of this word is indicative of its meaning) of perfectly manicured lawns. I just felt compelled to create something unexpected. I’ll let you know if its a bust.

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