shock and awe

Two things caused me pause this weekend.

First, I’m what people affectionately refer to as a “Random Abstract.” I drive organized people crazy. But one of the drawbacks of such a condition is I forget important things sometimes(actually my husband would say often). I was brushing my teeth thinking about my driver’s license and how I couldn’t wait to get a new picture, I looked a bit puffy in the last one, vain, I know, but true. Then I got thinking. . .when does it expire. . .surely it has to be this summer. It expired in the summer of 2007! That was last year. I’ve been driving confidently, even perhaps too confidently with a less-than-confident-expired-puffy faced license for seven months now. Hurray for me! Shock.

Second, I was basking in the spring sun this Saturday when I happened upon some rather robust crocus’ forcing their way through the remaining snowy ice chunks floating across my garden beds. What determination, if that can be said about a plant! Plants are a reoccurring metaphor in my creative life. They embody so much of what life is, the cycle of living and dying, the struggle for survival, needing to be nourished to flourish, reflecting beauty. . .I mean I could go on forever about them. I’ll spare you. The thing that brought me rise this Saturday was the against-all-odds ambition of these tiny green leaves. They are literally growing through and around hard, frigid, rock solid ice. . .eager to see the sun. Awe.


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