so so ready

I’m so ready for spring I just might get out the hairdryer to melt the remaining snow, which, quite frankly, could take a while but would be totally worth it. We used to have a neighbor who would snowblow his yard each spring so he could see grass sooner. I can relate.

We have been plagued by a never-ceasing reign of sickness this winter. In a desire to not infect the world we’ve had to keep put a lot and probably 20 times a day Emma asks me, “What we gonna do now, Mom?” I can’t blame her, I’m wondering the same thing. I’ve been growing increasingly antsy to reclaim our gardening existence again, which led to a seed extravaganza last Saturday. Since the growing season around here is minute at best, I’m going to start a few things indoors to give them a head start. Oh yes, the fun of picking what to grow and where, its like a wave of new life is creeping back into our stale sickly home again. Soon there will be neighbors wondering what sort of illegal shinanigans involving grow lights are taking place in our basement. Growing things(not illegal things, mind you) connects me to life in some way, the preperation, emerging, tending, flourishing, harvesting and then putting to rest. Its all so experiential and experimentational. I love it.

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