easter dreams

We had an early Easter celebration last weekend at my folks and I had a strange dream during our stay.

I dreamed we took Josiah to the doctor and his ears had swollen and grown shut. After the doctor explained his condition I said, “Boy that sure explains a lot!” Surprisingly, when I woke up and retold the dream I still hadn’t made the likely connection yet, but my astute husband responded by saying, “Josiah hasn’t been listening very well lately, huh?” DUH! Sometimes I think I should just get a tape recording of my typical responses so I don’t have to say them a billion times a day. . .perhaps its my typical responses that are enabling this behavior. . .ah, parenting, what trial and error. . .hopefully less error, but whose to say until they are grown and making fantastic choices, which is a long way off.

The pictures are of my Easter bunnies.

2 thoughts on “easter dreams

  1. i love how little kids make such enormous grins that it squints their eyes shut. Mine do it too. Happy Belated Easter.

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