unified, glorified

I’ve been thinking a lot about unity lately. Sometimes a crisis is a catalyst for such thoughts and so here I sit amazed and inspired by the careful knitting together of friends I’ve been experiencing this last month.

We live near and far.
We are formed differently inside and out.
We enjoy varied things and see with different eyes.
But, we aren’t bonded by our similarities.
Laboring side by side(even across the seas) with those whose heart beats the same as mine doesn’t require sameness. I can truly say that I both treasure and rejoice in the variety I see in those around me. SUCH JOY!

(the drawing is my own, Unity, part of a series of botanicals I’ve been exploring with)

3 thoughts on “unified, glorified

  1. I love your drawing! Externally we are different but we share the same heart when we have Jesus. That is so good.

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