hold lightly

I’m learning this in so many areas of my life that its worth noting.
*The first that seems to rise to the top at the moment is my dear friend I’ve mentioned previously. In her case, its more of releasing of her to the One who can actually protect and heal her. Lesson learned: From the vantage point of the releaser, I’m finding as hard as it is to let go its much harder trying to stay in control.
*The next scenario I’m learning this lesson is in creating. I was paralyzed for years as an artist, because of the fear of failing. Lesson learned: Stepping away from my pieces and allowing them to stand on their own or find their way to the reject pile is so freeing and opens you up to hear the truth about them from others. Some artists throw away 80% of their work before they find the 20% that is successful. I take comfort in that, it gives me the freedom to go places in my creative process that are uncharted and challenging.

“I’ve not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that don’t work.”-Thomas Edison

*The last area is my kids. Their well-being is my utmost priority and sometimes its scary to realize how helpless I am in regards to this. Lesson learned: I do the best I can, but there are some things that I’m not able to protect them from. But oh the peace that fills my soul when I entrust them to the care of the Creator. It allows me to enjoy them not control them.

‘Tis better to hold lightly than to squeeze the life out of something.

[Painting is 5 Weeks by Sarah Brokke , http://sarahbrokke.com/ The painting is so amazing in person, so vivid and madonna-esque. Its a self portrait with her newborn. I don’t think it transfers in the photo, but as you look closer she has incorporated letters that her grandmother sent her mother when Sarah was first born.]

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