keeping our heads above the water

One of my closest and dearest friends, Lora, is 24 weeks pregnant and just found out she has CNS Lymphoma. This is a very aggressive form of blood cancer that’s settled in her brain. Apparently if left untreated it is fatal within 6 weeks. She’s already had it for 2 weeks. The problem is she’s pregnant and, therefore, treatment is very risky. Currently Lora’s case is the talk of the hospital, the best hospital in the world for this sort of thing, a real mystery. Its a cancer that usually only affects older men or people with AIDS, neither of which describes her. This weekend they are weighing their options as treatment of some kind has to be started Monday or she and/or the baby won’t make it.
Let me just say this, if I didn’t hope and wholly rely on the one true source of comfort and joy, this situation would pull me into deep despair. I really can’t explain how and why this is happening, especially to such amazing people, though I’ve certainly asked this out loud, but the grace with which Lora has lived this pain both humbles me and spurs me on to greater faith. I am honored to call her friend.

If you stand on the same rock as I, I beg for your prayers of healing for my sweet friend, protection for her baby, and comfort for her family.

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