room with a view

Its interesting when you stop to think about decisions you’ve made in your life, the things that brought you to where you are today. I was trying to remember where my affection for rooms in artwork came from. I’ve always loved the metaphorical value of rooms, but also their sense of place and ability to draw you in.

I think it began in high school during an art scholarship camp in Colorado. I met an artist there from my homestate who painted in watercolor both realistically and abstractly. His artwork left a deep impression in me. At the time I was really struggling to appreciate abstract art, but one painting in particular gave me something to adhere to. It was a painting of a room, but only blocks of shaded colors, enough to give you the sense of boundaries and depth and also some kind of sink and medicine cabinet. I can still see the picture in my mind.

I wish I could find it for you, but I was able to dredge up some other works by him you might enjoy. One is breathtakingly realistic(title-San Javier Del Bac) and the other is similar to the one I remember(title-Battery Park II First Prize, Artists Magazine Competition, Experimental Cate).
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