dueling schooling grueling

So. . .double potty training is just not as fun as I’d hoped. Not that I expected it to be cherries, but 30 times a day up the stairs is giving more than my legs a workout. My patience have been shamefully low, although “Three Cheers!” can still be heard throughout the neighborhood when Josiah decides to give it a whirl. He’s not to be convinced and certainly can’t be persuaded. Fortunately he’s reminded every two minutes by Emma’s constant efforts. Peer/sibling pressure does wonders at least in this case.

Emma’s virtually a training graduate. Lickity split for her. The look on her face when she knows she did it, is priceless and proud. I’m proud, too. The novelty hasn’t shifted to something else yet so we visit the new place sometimes once every couple minutes just in case their might be something worth cheering about. Much work to do still. Exhausting.
And so we welcome a new activity. . .we ventured outside today to watch a dogsled race and what fun it was! Those animals are so slight and so powerful. Their eyes wisp you away to somewhere north where people live in igloos, wear large sheepskin coats and enormous hats that cover every bit of their heads save the eyes. One dog we saw today had his dark wet nose sticking out of the kennel as he waited for his turn to be let out. His eyes were the color of snow, so light blue they were almost white. He was gorgeous. “Like a polar bear, Mom.” said Emma.

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