Last night my mom and I were able to take in the local art institutes’ member show in which I had something hanging. It was amazing. The senses couldn’t possibly have taken in anymore. Such a diversity of pieces from clay vessels I wanted to hug and hold to glass drawings so delicate my mind is imprinted with their lightness to paintings so interesting your eyes never wanted to leave. I wish I could inundate you with photos but alas I forgot my camera, crud. By the time we had surveyed it all my mind was spinning and my body was starting to shut down. (I get like that at art museums, too, only then I get a severe look of “whoa” on my face that is only cured with a good nap and some coffee, then I’m ready to process it all) In fact I really had little to give socially after I had scoured the artworks, I was tapped(doesn’t take much for an introvert), which was a bummer because everyone looked so interesting and vivacious. Perhaps next time I’ll be able to save a bit of myself to engage those crazy artists.
[the piece I entered above is called, Shadow Remembered. it deals with 9/11, personal fears of flying and memories of being enveloped by an airplane shadow this summer.]

2 thoughts on “overloaded

  1. Wow. Very impressive. I like it a lot. I wish I could see it up close. Maybe when I get back… unless someone buys it. ๐Ÿ˜€

  2. art openings are great– but so exhausting! so much input, as you’ve described, especially if you’re slanted toward the visual anyway. add a helping of people-watching and the smile-bustle of thanking people who came to see your work..

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