going to great lengths

and then some:


And we complain about a tree tied to our minivan catching the wind and loosing us gas mileage, ha!

[This came to me from my father who I could see doing something crazy like this. Now I’m certain my brother has attempted something similar at least once in his life,those of you who know him are laughing in agreement right now.]


3 thoughts on “going to great lengths

  1. amazing logistics!!!!

    i just got a chance to see your work at the mnartists site. beautiful! i’m especially drawn to uprooted and tap uprooted (guess i must feel like my roots are doing strange turns, too 🙂

  2. i just tried to post and it disappeared when i hit “publish” so pardon me if this is a repeat…

    i just looked at your work at mnartists and it’s really lovely. i especially like both “uprooted” pieces. congratulations!

  3. Sorry about that, Gala. I’ve been meaning to fix that!

    I’m so glad you got to see the pieces! I’m really loving botanical stuff right now. Maybe its a craving for green and dirt I get in the middle of the whiteness. Those pieces were in response to this idea of the crazy things we do for thirst.

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