fresh assortments of pain and torment

Well now that Christmas is done, I’ve decided its best to steer clear of stores for a while. Not because I’m a rabid spender, or because I’m boycotting commercialism. . .rather I’m kind of embarrassed of the effect presents have on my children.

For instance. . .we had to pick up some storage totes from the store with kids in tow. Normally not a big deal(though that’s not entirely a secure notion, certain to change in a blink), but for this present-bulging family of four it was a nightmare. The words I heard coming from these so-called good natured beings caused me to blush. Sweet Emma screaming, “I WANT SOMETHING FOR ME!!! THAT’S MINE!!!!” and tender-hearted Josiah returning, “DADDY, GET THIS, GET THIS, GET THIS, MOMMY!” I felt like we had Veruca Salt(charlie and the chocolate factory) and her brother in our cart.
If only it was the words, but at home there is more of the same and always in a snide, self-centered tone often accompanied with a pinch, shove or bonk, “THAT’S MINE, SIAH!” “LEAVE ME ALONE!” “EMMA, STOP LOOKING AT ME AND GET AWAY FROM MY CHOO CHOO, MINE!” This all seems to have multiplied since Christmas.

How to tame and snuff out this inbuilt selfishness? . .I don’t know but its something that creeps up into my adult life all the time, minus the pinching, shoving and bonking of course. Its definitely a reminder, though, that we all come defected and unable to remedy it. . .Ah, the beauty of a Savior.

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