catching up

I freely admit that the last few months kid pics have been sparse, so I thought I give you an innoculation of cute shots to help ease the pain. They are a bit of a synopsis of our fall up to now:
Thomas the Tank Engine Conductor starring the charming and sedated Josiah Edwards
Little Bo Peep starring the always delightful, ever cute Emma Rose
Cozy Sunday morning with Grandma G
Just liked this pic. Its rare that we share a book like this and actually it ended in hollars, but it worked for one shot anyways.
Great headlock on the Elmo potty. We are really into sitting on laps whilst sitting on the potty, well the kids are at least. Its a scary reality we have to squelch before real training actually begins.

And our first Christmas tree cutting adventure as a family, topped with two photos of the kids after I asked them to smile for the camera. Real hams they are and excellent listeners, too.

There you have it folks another rendition of our fun-filled world.


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