good reads

Well, I lost a week recently. . .blip! gone. I have no idea where it went, but its gone, never to return. That happens sometimes. Before this week vanished, I had lost a whole year when a dear friend of mine reminded me that we hadn’t seen each other this summer but last! Yikes! But with all this disappearing time the group show I’m participating in is opening in one week *gasp* and I have a bit more to do. Granted the pieces are painted, they just need to be able to hang on actual gallery walls and not just prop themselves up against our basement walls.

So as is always the case in situations when I need to buckle down, I’m off frolicking somewhere else. Recently its been in a couple fabulous reads. I’m a sucker for a good author, when I find one I must read everything they’ve written. So begins the latest book binge.

Michael Pollan has written a smashing book called, The Botany of Desire-a Plant’s Eye View of The World. Really interesting journalistic dive into four plants; the apple, the tulip, marijuana and the potato. The journey he takes as he digs up fantastic history and insight about these four culture changing plants is really entertaining. I savored this one.

I’m following up that tasty morsel with his next release, The Omnivore’s Dilemma-A Natural History of Four Meals, which is changing my view of everything I put into my mouth. Equally as interesting, but more challenging in the reflection of the values we live out in our food growing, production and consumption. He peels back the layers of the organic world, dividing it into industrial organic(non-locally grown) and organic(locally grown). I’m seriously thinking about everything I eat, where it was grown and under what conditions, how it came to be in our house and whether or not I really want to eat an apple from China. Excellent reads, worth perusing.

I’ll be reading his other two books next, A Place of My Own and Second Nature, probably right before Christmas when I should be making cookies or wrapping presents.

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