snow in trees

Emma can’t wait for winter. She talks about it all the time. “Snow fall in trees heavy” is the phrase that starts it all. Then “mittens, hat, boots, snowsuit, cozy!” You see we got the most amazing snowsuits, called Snowpeas, this year at an incredible, unspeakable price(don’t worry, we’ll take the tags off when the snow falls in trees). The kids have tasted their comfort and now we can’t wait for the snow to fall. The mittens, hat, balaclava and boots are part of the suit! No more struggling to find boots, battling over mittens, searching, endless searching for all of the winter accessories and then loosing them once we finally get outside. Simply plop the kids in them, cinch them up, give a quick zip and Tada! We’re outside! Come on winter, we’re ready?

2 thoughts on “snow in trees

  1. Adorable and super COZY- emma was right! How great – everything is ATTACHED! Let me know how they work out-

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