sweet moments

Some sweet moments with my little ones one chilly morning this summer caught them in rare form, sweet, bruise-free, clean, loving and in excellent lighting.

Still adjusting to the slow lumber indoors for hibernation season. I got burnt out on gardening pretty early in the season due to a massive patio endeavor I’m still recovering from, thus winter hibernation will be a welcome respite from the neglected garden guilt I’ve been carrying all summer. I still acquired a gonna-do-that-different-next-year list to which I keep adding immense amounts to everyday.

I find myself actively fighting off the ‘too busy’ plague. It strips me of creativity, thoughts, the energy to reach out to others, and the time to really care about those around me. It pulls me into myself and away from what matters. Busyness can appear in the most innocent of ways, always hiding behind “that’s a really great thing to be involved in.” Sifting through the ‘good things’ to the places we truly fit or are called to be, that’s the real struggle.

We’ve been leaving the tv off more lately. It’s been good. More time to think, create and be.


3 thoughts on “sweet moments

  1. So great to see a new post and that you all are doing well. I hear you on the busyness factor of life. What is really so darn important anyway? Probably not the things I spend my time on.

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