Distracted. . .

(Picture above of a Sunday morning with Emma in a dress her Grandma G wore when she was 2yrs old.)

. . .So it seems I’m easily distracted and have failed to update the blog-o-sphere in a while. As much as I love keeping everyone updated and entertained, I’ve just had so many other wonderful things to do, like nap or chase the children around in circles to keep them away from unripe tomatoes or sip iced coffee on the veranda(I like to throw veranda around like I actually know what it means. It sounds more important than patio I think. Its almost like a state of being rather than just a place.). So our summer has been one of recovery or a return to some point of reference in our hearts. (Emma would like to show you her stuffed toys. Paddington bear, Ernie, and finally Pooh, whom she loves the most)

The school year seems to be when all the extra activities are. So by this last spring I was really quite done with activities outside of our little daily routine. Don’t get me wrong there are so many reasons to get involved in things and do stuff, but I will never be one of those people who enjoys chaos. As an introvert I need times of solitude to ground me so that I am able to reach out more.

There have been many added bonuses to staying home more. Besides the return to some kind of routine(if you haven’t been around kids, you probably haven’t experienced this level of hunger for structure, its really amazing), we have gotten to know our neighbors so well. The kids play with the neighbor kids almost every day in the alley while the moms or primary care givers and I talk. We share issues, ideas, heartaches, dilemmas, garden produce, laughs and history about our neighborhood, all while the kids are making friends and learning to share. It has been the most interesting summer because of it and brings new light to the idea of community. (Josiah discovered an empty flower pot we had out in the porch and decided to make it his thinking pot.)
So much more to say, but I hate making these too long, so I better go.

4 thoughts on “Distracted. . .

  1. Glad you’re having a great summer!! Sounds very nice. Summer is slipping away so quickly, which I’m not that upset about because I LOVE FALL!!! The kids look stinky cute as usual — you did pretty good.

  2. I have a username and password with blogger… I just can’t remember the password right now… sigh…

    Anyway, I just read your whole blog up to the August post. It was very entertaining indeed. I laughed a lot. ๐Ÿ™‚ I think I might have to start a blog now that I have a nephew to show off.

    Speaking of the nephew, Hobey (his middle name is Hobart, after a famous hockey player)is now with my brother and sister-in-law. They will truly have legal custody 6 months from now – they still have home studies to do and whatnot. But for them, it’s merely a formality. They’ll be great parents.

    Keep posting as much as you can…


  3. VERY cute pictures! For sure let me know when you start getting rid of things – I’d love to look through what you have!!

  4. I too have really enjoyed the summer at home. It is definently a different pace. As always, I love reading your posts.

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