A Great Day

Last Tuesday we had a really great day. Nearly perfect. Its rare that one of these come along so its best to document it for further review. It started with the kids being so well behaved(minus the cheeky fellow in the background of the first picture who is pushing his chair up to the “off-limits counter) and ended with a picnic at our secret beach location.
Eddy has had to work a lot of overtime lately, so when he was able to come home earlier than normal last week, we took a jaunt down the street to our secret beach area to throw rocks in the water and eat supper.

I had been talking up our planned events all day, so the kids were freakishly pumped, running circles, screaming and yelling, “backus”(backpacks) over and over while climbing into their backpacks we carry them in. I love giving them an event like this to look forward to and it keeps my spirits up too.

For the record I stink at preparation for the spontaneous, but if I can be planning all day things are generally a little less stressful.
I tried to have everything ready, swimsuits, change of clothes for the inevitable accident, food, drinks, hats, shoes, sunscreen, and a clean rag for dirty mouths. Well, wouldn’t you know it, I forgot a towel to dry everyone off, oh well, no matter, home is just a few blocks up.

The kids are ga-ga for throwing rocks with their Daddy and sticking their toes in the frigid water. As Eddy and I sat eating our supper while the kids picked the best rocks, we breathed a deep sigh of enjoyment thinking why don’t we do this more often.

One thought on “A Great Day

  1. I love those kind of days when you can get outside and enjoy the beauty around you with your family. 🙂 Adorable pictures of your kids, by the way!

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