Summer means. . .

. . .Less socks and more dirty clothes to wash. Yeah!??

. . .That strange ichy red spots and painful mysterious rashes appear out of nowhere and in places never expected.

. . .More accountability for the way I interact with my family because we are always within earshot of neighbors. Something I’d like to have happen year-round.

. . .Relationships with neighbors deepen and my hermit-like tendencies diminish.

. . .Family time becomes less of a big production, virtually no paraphanilia to put on or bring with on outings.

. . .Satisfaction in planting, harvesting and eating fresh produce straight from the garden.

. . .Colors are easier to learn with flowers blooming everywhere.

Last but not least, summer means. . .that when I finally get around to having my second cup of coffee in the morning and its cold I just add ice and viola! it becomes a refreshing midmorning pick-me-up.

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