Two is a Fabulous Number

Nothing says “big kid” like the ability to tell people how old you are. Emma and Josiah can now tell you they are two and then squish their fingers around trying to figure out what two looks like in finger terms. It was a really nice weekend and I think the kids had a really good time. I thought rather than give you a lot of words, I’d show you in pictures what their 2nd Birthday was like. (note the universal way all toddlers eat cupcakes as shown in the last pics)


4 thoughts on “Two is a Fabulous Number

  1. Too Cute! They look so grown up (relatively speaking) I can’t believe they’re 2 already. Enjoy!
    Theresa Hebert

  2. Is it the 16th? That’s Ella’s birthday! She just turned 4. That’s just crazy. It seems like yesterday that we were sitting at Amy’s wedding, and hearing that you had JUST had twins! Congratulations to you on 2 yrs of Momminess.

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