Inspiration runs deep

With the internet comes frustrations, I’m sure you are well aware and have personally experienced them yourself. But it also brings joys such as inspiration.

Just have to share some pics of an artist, Tim Lowly, I happened upon moments ago. He speaks a language I connect with visually and emotionally.
Tim Lowly works out of Chicago. The first is called, Mom/Mountain and the second is called, Temma on Earth. He’s done quite a few studies of his only daughter, Temma, born disabled, that are so moving, you feel as if you know her.
What is it about his work that is so appealing? Maybe its that he paints something familar, rocks I’ve touched or scenes I’ve reflected on. Its more than simple replication, its done in a way that is selective and profound. At first they seem like straight-forward paintings, but I cannot stop staring at them, heart pounding, disturbed and ruffled. They are certainly not glorified images of unrealistic beauty, but they make me uncomfortable, delving into emotions I’d rather avoid, I’m unable to look away. Good stuff.

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