This is what we’ve been doing. . .

. . .sometimes all day long when the tractors are cooperating and sticking to working on our road.

As you can see, one particular member of our clan is a devoted viewer, while the other is more interested in coloring, reading or stacking all of her babies with all of their tiny clothes and any scraps of paper or fuzzies she finds along the way into her red wagon to pull around the house, parade style. Born at the same time, so different. (technically they were eight minutes apart, but that doesn’t flow as well with the statement)
Today the tractors are busy on the street below us and its raining, so I’m just not sure what we are going to do without that free entertainment. Construction used to be an evil word, but not anymore.

One thought on “This is what we’ve been doing. . .

  1. Great pictures! Micah would have enjoyed standing next to Josiah to see all the construction action. Keep those updates and pictures coming!

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