Heave Ho

Lots of heaving going on around here and let’s just say stretching isn’t making my body feel it any less. Due to Eddy’s rock fetish left over from last year, we have found many uses for brown/blue stone around our yard. I quite like them actually and wish I was better adept or patient enough to place them attractively, but I yam what I yam(sorry, terribly sorry, that was just silly). The plan is to build a retaining wall to support a little patio off the back of the house. I’d like it to feel as if the earth fissured millions of years ago exposing a brownstone patio and flower beds(Can’t wait to plant in those!), don’t think it’ll ever look like that though, considering rocks in nature are rarely found placed in a row and neatly on top of one another. Pics of the project thus far and my first tulips this year, lovely, eh?
Any suggestions you might have to conceal the hideous and unsightly electrical boxes located in the middle of the back of the house(hard to miss, I know!) would be greatly appreciated. I guess they have to be serviceable, but I have seriously considered building a small box out of lattice(the up and down variety, not the criss-cross) with a hinged door on it, or just ripping them off and seeing just how hard it really is to live without electricty(Eddy’s dream).
Just loving our yard this year. Its really starting to take shape. What a difference a fence makes! It gives structure, privacy(actually its improving community with our neighbors, go figure), keeps deer out and kids in! Thanks Eddy 🙂


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