Our Family Song. . .

. . . is the Muffin Man. Many lively, multi-layered, harmonizing spin-offs have evolved from this one tune. It all started with the “Clean-up Song” that my cousin-in-law Anna made up to The Muffin Man song and it got stuck in my head every time we visited them. Then Eddy couldn’t stop humming, singing or rapping Mary Had a Little Lamb for the first 5 months of the kids’ life, so I told him to get a new song and he quickly adapted the Muffin Man.
He has even invented a musical-ish sounded version that can increase in key ranges several times in just one sing through. A real show stopper, but not as good as the version we create when the noise in our house reaches excruciating levels and we must drown out the chaos with an impromptu duet of Eddy and I harmonizing the chorus and with Emma and Josiah picking up the background vocals in screams or whines. We always tie it up nicely at the end with, “The Muffin Man….The Muffin Maaaan……The Muffin Maaaaaaaaaaaaaannnnnnn!” and a timpani sounding drum rendition to cap it off. “booom booom booom booom!”
The last photo is a look I’ve never seen before on Josiah–she says sarcastically with a grin.

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