Was it worth it?

I was thinking of titling this Betrayed by a Kiss but realized the betrayed part sounded a bit harsh for the circumstances. I will tell you that in hindsight, it was totally worth it.

About a week ago the kids were sick(Shock!). Not that that’s unusual or anything, as it seems our family is plagued by a never ending variety of ailments this spring, however, this time I was being extra diligent in avoiding those fun-squelching germs that kept oozing from Josiah’s nose. Purell was everywhere and I was washing everything.
Josiah was giving me a hug(like he does 100’s of times a day) but this time he caught me off guard and planted a nice, big, slimy wet one right across my mouth, complete with nose ooze.

“GROOOOOSSSSS!” I said without thinking and sort of louder than I intended, as I wiped my sleeve across my face. Then, as he started back a little I quickly retracted that with, “You silly goose! Wow, that sure was wet, wasn’t it?” (I didn’t want him to feel bad, he was just trying to show me some love after all, right?) He smiled and another hug followed.
This is precisely how Emma got sick earlier that same week, only I was much too far away to stop him then.
Josiah has a thing about hugging and kissing everything. If I tell the kids we’re going inside now, he kisses the ground while giving it a hug. If I say, don’t touch that plant, he gives it a kiss and hug before he steps away from it. He loves to give love, be loved, love everything.

Now that I’m well in the throws of his sickness, fever and all, I guess its nice to know I got it from a solitary effort to give love.

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