Have I ever mentioned. . .

just how much I love Fridays? If I haven’t, I’m saying it now. Fridays are great because they are movie and pizza night(though we may have to alter the pizza with a milk-free-cheese-something-or-other now) and it means that tomorrow Eddy is home all day with us. It symbolizes the finale of a long week and the beginning of a fun-filled weekend as family.

We had a small but definite victory today. We had one of our favorite lunches, whole wheat pancakes without milk and they actually tasted fabulous. I checked out a book at the library with some 400 recipes for milk-free living and there are some great ideas in it. Kind of encouraging, especially since pb&j’s are loosing their luster around this house and I’ve been at a loss for kid-friendly options that don’t include milk, butter, yogurt or cheese. We’ll get there, its just an adjustment right now.

Even though Eddy already posted these photos on his blog, they were too funny and I thought I would share them with you, too

One thought on “Have I ever mentioned. . .

  1. My sister’s step-kids used to have milk allergies. When I babysat we’d order pizza without the cheese. No kidding. A hamburger pizza with no cheese. It’s ugly, but they ate it, and the pizza place made it.

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