"Well guys, we have a milk allergy. . ."

That’s what the Dr said via the answering machine on Sunday night when we got home from my folks’ house. Emma has had a persistent rash around her mouth for almost two months now and the Dr did some allergy tests to rule that out and low and behold, she tested positive for milk allergy. This is probably the source of her low weight and major spit up issues early on. Kind of wish we had known about this earlier, it explains so much.

I had no idea how many things contain milk or elements of milk. If you are ever curious just start reading the labels of everything you eat and I can pretty much guarantee you’ll be shocked. Thank goodness we live in an age where they are required by law to make a special note on products that contain wheat, nuts and milk, this makes my job a tiny bit easier. 10% of people who are allergic to milk are also allergic to soy so we have to watch her carefully and probably do some more tests to make sure that’s not the case as well.

She was pretty angry with me this morning when I cheerfully offered her soy milk. In fact she chucked it across the room. When Emma is angry she gets into trouble (never a great thing right off the bat in the morning when I haven’t even had a chance to round up some coffee). But we made it to nap time and I’m still wondering how to cook for her. No grilled cheese, mac and cheese, pancakes, french toast, cheese sticks, butter, yogurt, what in the world am I going to feed her and us. Of course I can make these things with soy products, but they are so much more expensive and then am I cooking just for her or for all of us? I don’t want to make 4 separate meals for everyone. Maybe we’ll all go soy. Sorry just typing out loud.

The Good Parts
I guess I’m thankful she tested negative to wheat, birch, citrus and peanuts, that’s good news. Also if this is the source of her too small physique, I’m am relieved we know now and pleased to help her return to a healthy weight.

One thought on “"Well guys, we have a milk allergy. . ."

  1. Ah yes, I tested sensitive to wheat a few years ago and had to totally change my whole world. It’s nothing short of a lot of work.

    But I promise as time goes on, you will find it will get easier. You’ll find good recipes and things that work for the whole family.

    Shoot me an email and we can chat more about. I have lots of dairy-free recipes that happen to be gluten-free too.

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