Poor crocuses.

Sorry little frozen purple buds, I tried to save you. You gave me hope, even if it was only for a day that you took my breath away. The straw was all I had to protect you from that wretched cold and then it dumped barrels of cold, heavy, wet snow from the sky. I know the sun feels far away, but don’t give up, just hang in there one more week, don’t die on me now, not when I need you most. It’ll get warm here real soon and then we will dance together in the beautiful spring sunshine(when I know the neighbors aren’t home).

Side notes:

Helpers are more of a mess than much help really.

Went to the Dr for a rash around Emma’s mouth that won’t clear up. She thinks it may be allergies or zinc deficiency and may explain the low weight. Blood tests were painful and we won’t know the results for two weeks. Poor Emma.

Poor crocuses.


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