Busting Out

This could mean a variety of things. Busting out meant something very unpleasing from both ends of both of our kids last week when they were sick. Busting out is how I felt when I was 39 weeks pregnant with them almost two years ago, more like bursting I guess. Busting out could mean you are wearing a perhaps too tight shirt or that you have holes in your socks allowing those sneaky toes to bust out. But today busting out represents the feeling we had as we emerged for the first time as a family in almost 2 weeks from the cave we’ve been holed up in due to sickness and rain. Freedom never tasted so sweet as it did today when we went to school. The kids were happy, healthy and cooperative. I was smiling ear to ear, birds singing, sun shining, waving to the neighbors, everyone walking hand in hand. It was a Mr. Rogers day. Last week was not like this at all.

I’ve put up a few pictures of the more pleasant things we do when we’re hunkered down inside.

We make a mess.

We pester the bird.

We push our dump trucks or chase each other around the circle in our house making Mommy very dizzy.

We hide under things.We pretend to help dust the chair with crumpled up paper.

We sadly watch Daddy drive away to work in the morning.


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