We smelled summer today and let me tell you, it smells much better than the other odors we’ve been smelling this weekend. Friday night we were about to head down to see my cousin get married and Josiah threw up like 3 times. So we thought we would wait till the morning to see if it was a fluke, but then he kept throwing up all night and Saturday morning the fever set in along with liquids projecting out of another area further south that I’d rather not recall at the moment. Needless to say, we had to stay home which was very disappointing, but our only option.

I had a moment at 4am Saturday morning just before Josiah’s third bed and pj change when I think Eddy said something that required a response and I couldn’t form words from lack of sleep. . . all this trauma reminded me of the early days with the kiddos when sleep was on the black market at our house and I walked around like a drone. I remember being so excited that I was getting at least 4 hours of sleep! Oh, how quickly I forget just how much easier it is now in that respect.

I have never seen Josiah so tired. He just laid limp like a wet noodle in our arms all weekend. His eating finally improved tonight. He ate like a horse. My neighbor reminded me of the BRATY diet – Bananas Rice Applesauce Toast Yogurt to stop up the leaks and keep things down. Rotating the Tylenol with Ibuprofen worked amazingly well for him and was what finally broke that doggone fever, just in case you were dying to know.

Today we are on the road to recovery and he’s feeling much better. No diaper explosions this afternoon, HURRAY! And most of all, he’s running around and playing with Emma again. I think she missed him and the hundreds of hugs she gets from him everyday. Emma has a bit of a cold too and that’s what’s made this whole weekend long.

We all felt better getting outside today for a walk, sporting smiles in the tropical 72 degree breezes. My tulips are starting to peek their heads above the chilly blackness, nothing says spring like bulbs.

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