Gone painting. . .

On an apologetic note,

I wish they made a sign like the equivalent of those gone fishing signs that I could hang on this sight occasionally when I’ve been wrapped in a painting or two. I just have to act when I’m inspired or I’m doomed to never paint. And unfortunately I have a small section of time in which to choose between napping, blogging or painting(or gardening in the summer). Believe it or not the light is just so much better in the daytime down in my little basement studio, so viva Las Vegas or seize the day or something clever that means take advantage of it when you can would fit nicely right here.

On a boring note, I find my brain shriveling at various times of the year and despite my great efforts to read(which I really do enjoy, but can’t find something gripping lately), I have found the greatest pleasure in doing crossword puzzles. Yes, I am boring, but on the positive side, I am less boring than when I was obsessed with Sudoku last summer. Let me tell you the most embarrassing aspect of this condition I have is walking into a pharmacy and realizing the only crossword books are in extra-large print or have clues like: three letter word for a pet that starts with d and ends with og. Then I really feel elderly. Barnes and Noble, however, has saved my reputation by supplying a nice assortment of New York Times crosswords, which is much more noble then the aforementioned. Worth the extra money to protect my fragile dignity.

On a extremely embarrassing note, I ran over a mailbox on the way home from Early Childhood Ed a couple days ago. The mailbox was repairable and a small scratch was left in the side of the car. Fortunately, the lady was really nice and Eddy hasn’t lost all confidence in my ability to drive. Unfortunately, Emma says, “Ouch!” every time she sees a mailbox now. We are all seeking therapy.

Pics from the snowfall a couple weeks ago that has actually almost completely melted already. I would like some easier to assemble winter gear for them for next year. I’ll complain more about that later.

One thought on “Gone painting. . .

  1. Not sure what you classify as “gripping,” but I just got done with Stiff: The Curious Life of Human Cadavers. Fascinating book! And well, bodies are art-y, aren’t they?

    Spring will come soon, Shawna. You are doing a great job at being a Mom. Believe it. Maybe when it’s all done you’ll have earned a PhD in Muddling.

    Love to you!

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