Went to a Hoedown last night with the chitlins and it was a smashing time for all! They didn’t dance much, but we sure loved watching all the other kids dance. Emma tried a little of the chicken dance, but preferred to twirl instead. Eddy was a tad bored, though he did try to help Josiah march for a while. I guess the best part for me was getting them all dressed up. They are like my own personal dolls, except they talk, cry, scream, fight and kick me as I put their tights and boots on. Dolls were definitely less work.

We met another lady who has boy/girl twins and she assured me things even off at around 2-1/2 yrs old. She said her kids wouldn’t even look at each other or have anything to do with one another until that age and now they are inseparable, playing all the time together. That’s nice to hear, because I was starting to feel like maybe my life’s calling was to be a referee, not a parent(though there are days when I stink at both).

We definitely can’t share yet. We are always grabbing what the other has. And sometimes I wish we could all just get along. Then there are times like today at the lunch table when I’m certain they speak their own dialect. Emma started babbling like she’s saying something amazing and Josiah is listening gibber word for gibber word and laughing hysterically each time she says this particular phrase. Then she’d start all over again and again. It was so interesting.


One thought on “YeeHaw!

  1. The kids are adorable in their dancing YeeHaw outfits! I can relate to the sharing thing with Micah. I also love reading all your insights! Many times I see that my little guy is going through the exact same thing. What a deal! Keep up the good work Cousin!

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