An Addition to the Family!

Great News! My cousin and his wife just received notice about the baby girl they will be adopting from Ethiopia. She’s about 6 months old and they will be able to journey to Africa to pick her up in just a couple months. They are thrilled to finally see her and eager to have her join their family and meet her 3 older brothers. They have a website that will probably have more info on the whole adventure:

Some other friends of our just recently finalized an adoption of a sibling to another child they adopted a while back. The second adoption took their family on a huge adventure that has bonded them together in ways they never imagined and still continues to stretch them. You can read about the whole thing on their website:

So exciting, I just had to share the good news!


One thought on “An Addition to the Family!

  1. Speaking of adoptions, good friends of ours are leaving TOMORROW (Thursday) for China to pick up their second adopted child. After having Camille and Bryant, they adopted Lexi from China when she was 1, and are off to pick up Matthew (3 1/2). What amazes me, is I can hardly think past taking care of the 2 I have most days. I’m in awe!

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