My Tree

There is a tree(actually an overgrown arborvitae) parked directly outside our living room window. I love this tree. I feel like I’ve known it all my life. We had a cedar not unlike this at my first home growing up, so there is a familiarity to the bark and leaves that hearken me back to long summer days of climbing endless branches to reach the top.

Like all the trees in our yard, we were going to cut it down immediately when we moved here, but kept putting it off and then we decided we liked them all. This tree provides a beautiful shelter for birds(even owls sometimes, a home for Dots the squirrel(more on Dots and privacy for us, so here it will stay. Its rooted perilously close to our foundation, really only inches, to be overlooked for now though, especially considering all the work that’s gone into the modest woodland garden growing at its base that requires its shade.

I see it at least 25 times a day and can view it from the upstairs, too. It houses a bird feeder at the moment, but beyond that its just interesting as it blows in the wind or catches the snow. This weekend I discovered something new about this tree I had never really noticed before. Somewhere between the upstairs and down it divides into two trunks, so in the living room its one, but upstairs its two. Its an amazing division into two that twist and embrace as they continue upward. Something to behold, really, the way the branches have grown into one another, overlapping and uniting. Its such an interesting metaphor for marriage that its hard to ignore. I just might paint it someday.


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