Just One Snip. . .

and we’ve got a mullet. Yup, I decided to go for the gold and trim, I said trim Emma’s bangs because they just kept getting in her eyes and voila! instant mullet. Eddy says she looks like a boy.

I guess that’s why people go to the professionals to avoid such irreversible mistakes. I keep telling myself, its just hair, it’ll grow back. I didn’t cut her cute little curls in the back, just one snip in the front, I swear.
I have never been confident in my hair cutting abilities. Its something we started a while back, to save money on Eddy’s hair cuts. His hair is a dream, curly, it hides every wrong snip just delightfully, and he holds still so well. We’ll get it down one of these times. In the meantime, at least she’s a girl and I can put it in pigtails, or as in the picture of her dressed up, hats work well, too. Josiah likes hats, too, and as we’ve learned equality is everything at this age(I call this hat, Turkish Delight).

I feel a purge coming on. Yesterday the entire first floor was covered in toys, doll clothes and books, while I let them play by themselves during making-supper-time(Historically the most stressful time of our day, a close second is getting them their breakfast before we are all checking in to the psyche ward).

There comes a time every so often when the toys take over and I remember something I heard about only letting the kids have 10 toys at one time. I like this idea because they just don’t need thousands of toys out. They tend to be more creative and play with one thing or each other longer than if they are surrounded with excess. Though I always get confused, with two kids, is it 10 toys each or together and then do blocks count as 1 toy or 50? I usually approximate and that works ok. Anyways, I’m purging today and everyone will feel better.

Incidentally, last weekend we moved our fridge to where the microwave was and the dishwasher to where the fridge was and the microwave to where the dishwasher was and amazingly our kitchen functions better and feels bigger. Who knew.

One thought on “Just One Snip. . .

  1. You crack me up and I miss you. I totally feel your pain on the toys — planning a purge of my own. I’m thinking of boxing up all the loose toys that live on the floor, and the girls can have them back as rewards. No way do they actually need this ToysRUs explosion.

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