Its starting again!

The gardening catalogs have arrived! I am returning like the tide to my summer obsession. My heart is a flutter with anticipation and fear. Anticipation, because I can’t hardly stand being inside every bloomin’-record-low-shmick’n day of this freakishly drab winter and fear, because I haven’t finished all my winter projects yet, gulp. I have gotten a little distracted by all those gorgeous full pages of lush flowers and green shrubs. And really, those winter projects seem less and less exciting with every page I turn.

I am on the Renegade Gardener website( basically everyday trying to feed my need for advice on better plants, arrangements, soil and landscaping. I have visions of greatness planned for our meager yard. Gone are the days when my idealistic notions of trying to make a plant grow in a place it doesn’t like sent me on a mission of defiance. No sir, I’m gonna move things around, shake things up and start over if I must. I’m not afraid anymore.

If you are prone to jump too quickly into the gardening season, then I recommend you don’t view the following site. However, if you love to be inspired by before and after photos of amazing gardens that can be grown in cold climates like ours, check this out:

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