Extra Effort.

Its a good thing Josiah is such a good cuddler, it makes these times of extra effort more tolerable.
Josiah has been teething again, which if you have been reading this blog for even a little bit, you’d understand it is always a problem for him. We were told by their doctor that he’s probably a very sensitive kid. That’s an understatement. When he’s teething, he’s just crazy. Apparently, Josiah must not have much tolerance for pain(an attribute that his mother is well acquainted with) because he freaks out at any given moment, tossing his head back, jumping out of your arms, throwing himself on the floor crying if he just trips the slightest bit, refusing to show you want he wants but just screaming instead usually till he’s beyond repair, or having a tantrum for who knows bloody why.

More recently, he’s adapted a weird freak-out trait in which he gets a little silly and out-of-control typically ending in him inadvertently hurting himself or Mommy needing a timeout. You’d think the silly freak-out would be easier to handle, but really its more maddening because you want the consequences to make an impact, not make him laugh. Though its not limited to, it usually happens at the dinner table and always with a smirk or uncontrollable giggle. He’ll just start chucking food or make weird noises while he’s chewing and then throw his head back in laughter. Sometimes, he’ll dump his food out and just start brushing it off the table as fast as he can before he gets caught or rocking back so hard in his booster seat that he hits the chair, says “oow,” giggles and does it again. Emma, of course, loves it, laughing and fueling his fire.

All this to say, Josiah is a handful right now. Yesterday we were visiting a good friend of mine who has kids around the same age and we were getting ready to leave. After a good half hour they were finally ready with sippy cups, snacks, mittens, hats, jackets, and Emma’s boots, I was even ready, all that needed to be done was boots on Josiah and then gather the troops. Josiah was no where to be found. Where did he go? Fortunately, my friend has a toddler so everything was pretty safe and confined to one floor, but nonetheless I knew he of all toddlers was on a quest to find something to get into. No, not in the nursery. No, not in the kitchen or living room. No, not in the closet. Wait! What was that noise in the bathroom? How could I have not looked there first, he had been obsessed with the bathroom since we got there. Sure enough he had climbed or fell into the bathtub and was playing with the toys and shampoo all while he was almost completely dressed to go home. Actually it would’ve been better if he was completely ready, because then his socks wouldn’t have gotten wet. He’s like the Tasmanian devil right now. To go anywhere is such a production, it makes me want to be a hermit. I feel like I’m trying to lasso two whirlwinds (I probably look like it, too) wherever I go.

The fun didn’t stop at my friend’s house. Later that day I ran to the basement to quick change out the laundry and I came upstairs to find Josiah in the garbage throwing egg yolks and used coffee filters all over the floor and then wiping his hands on his clothes, even though moments before I had told him the garbage was off limits.(Must fix that childproof latch before I go insane) And as I’m putting him in the naughty chair, I turn to find Emma picking the stuff up off the floor and reaching into the garbage for more. Its like one fire was out and two more sprung up in its place. All I can say is right now its hard to have a rational conversation about having more kids someday. Fortunately Eddy feels the same way.

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