Pigtails, Pockets, Pan-hats and Pretend

I have to say one of the funnest parts of being a parent is watching the little personalities develop.

Emma is oozing personality right now and with her growing repertoire of words, she’s also learning how to pretend. Its pretty doggone cute to see her trying to feed her stuffed toys or giving her baby a bath(my momentary solution to the persistent desire to have a bath all the time, “No, we aren’t going to get naked and have a bath right now, but you can give the baby a bath”).

I think its a sickness, but I cannot resist her in pigtails. I want to take a million pictures of her and plaster them all over the house when she has them in. Or chase her, scoop her up and give her kisses.

She just discovered pockets the other day shortly after reading A Pocket for Corduroy, who she adores. She calls him “Coycoy”. She walked around all day with her hands in her tiny pockets or pointing at them and saying, “Pock-eh? Pock-eh?” After all, nothing is ever said just once at our house. As you can see in the photo, she is showing how to use them.

Everything is a potential hat: pillows, stuffed animals, bowls, blankets, and pans. The

house looks shockingly tidy in this photo. Don’t look too close, though. Now that I said that, you will anyway. Welcome to my world, now you see why I treasure one well-made bed.

One day she decided she wanted to wear her robe and then try to put on the doll’s fuzzy jacket, which only made it to her elbow on one arm. But the real show began with this silly look she got as she strutted around the house, part coy, part goofball, part I’m pretty cool.

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