Art museums aren’t for the faint of heart.

Especially with two toddlers. I don’t know if I mentioned this before, but when we were down at my parents house before Christmas, we took a trip to the Minneapolis Institute of Art to see their Masterpieces exhibit. It was amazing! In fact it has been so long since I’ve been in front of true masterpieces, I was blown away by the vivid colors and bold brushstrokes. When you’ve spent the majority of your art education viewing art through text books something is totally missing. For some reason I thought the bold brushstrokes(the ones you can see the massive trail of the artist’s brush) really only made an appearance in the Impressionists’ era, but its just not so. My Mom was so struck by this as well that she had to keep her arms folded to avoid touching the canvases and getting us kicked out of the museum.

It is darn near impossible to truly take your time and enjoy the artwork, though, when both of your children are starting to cause a scene. A scene in which Grandpa is busy pushing the double stroller in circles and figure eights, feeding them cheddar bunnies and avoiding the security guard who is gesturing to other security guards and radioing for backup. This is a scene worth taking the time to picture in your mind. Then my dad got kicked out of this special exhibit for bringing out food and I quickly ran around selecting to view only the ones that stuck out immediately at first glance. It was totally worth it. As we all exited the exhibit, Eddy was no where to be found. He hadn’t experienced any of the drama, he was back looking at some of the stuff in the very beginning of the show. Let’s just say it would’ve been better if we had our own wakie-talkies. The contemporary stuff was equally amazing. I only wish I could have spent another hour there filling my mind with all the thrilling paintings minus my screaming children careening down the hallway darting every which way. I’m glad we had pretty low expectations of what they could handle that day, it made it less of a disappointment and more of a victory.

For those with little ones, here’s my newly acquired advice: Take what you can get, it might not be what you had before the kids, but its still something and something is better than nothing. Just making the effort is far more valuable and rewarding than staying home and melting into dullness. Now aren’t you glad you read this today?

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