What to do with a mohawk?

Do I spike it? Do I plaster it down with hair goop? Do I cut it shorter like a buzz cut? These are all questions I’m pondering as I figure out what to do with Josiah’s hair.
The thing is, he has always had a mohawk, almost since he was born, its sort of his signature trademark. We didn’t create it, its natural. So I want to make it look its best. We have been letting it grow out a little,because it would lay down more, but it was getting so much longer than the rest of his hair it was starting to look like a comb-over. I cut it recently to see what would happen and well, it doesn’t look quite right, though that could be the way I cut it, too. We could just buzz cut it, but I kind of like it a little longer. Its a big responsibility to shape someone else’s appearance with a scary scissors. One wrong move and either an ear is missing or a chunk of hair drops limply to the ground, oops. I don’t know if I really want this responsibility anymore. The haircutting part that is.
(On a side note: One family who volunteers in the church nursery thought it was pretty funny and their teenage son spiked it with hand lotion one Sunday. Needless to say, Josiah drew major stares as we carried him through the church out to the car.)

One thought on “What to do with a mohawk?

  1. I would simply enjoy the fact that you get to choose. I once left Ella and Natalie with my mom for the day, and picked up a Natalie with shorter hair. Was I thankful she’d made her first trip to the salon? I’d been debating it. BUT IT WAS HER FIRST HAIRCUT. Thankfully, the girls’ stylist Sharon realized this, and collected the hair in an envelope for me. I might have like to have gone along, so I could have taken a picture. But such is life, and in the grand scheme of things, not a big deal.

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