Can’t help it. Don’t want to help it.

I can’t fight it anymore. Time to face the music. I love Sunday television on PBS, primarily Mystery! and Masterpiece Theater. My addiction started with Miss Marple-the Agatha Christie series this spring(thanks to a tip off from my mother), which led to Inspector Lewis series this summer(equally interesting), then it was Elizabeth(very intriguing) this fall and now Jane Eyre(really amazing) as of late. I get silly about these shows and have been known to skip about the house in anticipation. Popcorn in hand I sit eagerly waiting as the show begins and stay up way to late to see it through. I think about these shows throughout the week and wish Eddy cared a fraction as much as I do so we could ponder plots together(his personal nightmare). They are so well done and bravo to their creators, the quality is not taken for granted.

There were eras gone by when I scoffed at the thought of being a romantic. So trivial, so idealistic, so completely unrealistic. For fear of being dismissed as a wishy-washy I have put off announcing my feelings. I don’t want to be afraid anymore. I will always love them and watch them with joy.

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