Doctors Are Our Friends

We talked about it all day. “We’re going to see Dr. Valentine today and she’s gonna check your eyes, ears, nose, mouth and then she has a thing for belly buttons so she will probably poke around your belly a little, too.” I said all this pointing to each of those places on their bodies. Daddy came home early and we were excited. We got there and they had to get naked, which they love. Then trouble started. Emma had so much ear wax the Dr. had to dig it out and then still wasn’t able to tell if she had an ear infection or not. The digging out process really ticked Emma off, she cried for a long time. She must have been disappointed that this wasn’t the fun experience I had been trumping all day because the rest of the visit she was giving the Dr a dirty look and didn’t want anything to do with me, only wanting Daddy to hold her.

I have to say Emma looked wicked cute all naked with her mad little face and pigtails sticking out of her head. She’s still underweight and is now in the .2% for her age group, but the Dr. says at this point she’s developing wonderfully in every other area, she’s just very petite. Josiah is actually pretty small, too, so its probably a genetic thing. Of course we’ll keep feeding her sticks of butter, avocados and other fatty/protein foods, but I’m not gonna keep freaking out about it anymore. The Dr thinks she’ll catch up eventually. Whewwww.

Here are some fun shots from the other day. We’re feeling better, can you tell? I’m a sucker for pigtails and funny faces.

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