No, I want to be held.

This is what I feel like telling the kids today.

I’m starting to get sick. My achy body was the first clue this morning. After coffee hit my bloodstream, I realized that the fuzzy brain syndrome I was experiencing wasn’t from a lack of caffeine. (the picture was chosen to show you how things look to me today) I’ve boosted my vitamin C and zinc, I’m eating lots of oranges, drinking lots of liquids and trying to take it easy. I just can’t be sick this weekend, I have to cook all day on Saturday at church.

Both the kids are sick and needy, which will make Saturday just super for poor Eddy. Every time I look down, there’s one or both of them hands outstretched wanting me to pick them up. My arms are so tired from carrying that beast of a boy around. There was a point this morning when I didn’t know how the day could possibly turn around as my ears were reverberating from the crying and my head pounding from the popping toy Emma was pushing around the house. I wasn’t about to stop her and start another child crying. So I slowly turned my head toward the window and pretended I was outside for a moment. It didn’t help, but eventually crying ceased, toys stopped popping and everyone was quietly reading. We made it to nap time, so I guess we can plug through the rest of the day.

Perhaps the bed will comfort me. I’m going now to find out.

One thought on “No, I want to be held.

  1. I can’t possibly tell you how many times I have wondered what you were up to! The munchkins are absolutely adorable. Ella (3 1/2) is quite the caretaker when I’m sick. “Daddy, shhhh! Mommy’s resting — she doesn’t feel good.” I get an “Ok Mommy?” out of Natalie. Of course, none of it helps me to actually rest when under the weather. Anyway, so good to hear from you, and I’m bookmarking the site so I can keep up with you!!

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