Chaos and a Well Made Bed.

I am not an organized person. I want to be and have learned to keep some things in some sort of order, but overall I stink at it. I work better, feel better and our family functions better when things are cleaner and picked up, but it is a never ending daily battle. I’ve given up on keeping the toys put away, they just take them out faster a few minutes later. Its the papers that weigh my soul down. Mostly they are an issue because Eddy and I can’t decide the best most practical and realistic route to take when dealing with them. We have come up with some brilliant ideas and we execute them quite well in the beginning. Then inevitably we get lazy or distracted for one day and BOOM! Its crazy again. We definitely have to agree on a system soon here or we will tumble to our fate covered in papers. Binge and purge time, baby.

All that to say, there is one thing I’m good at. I make the bed every morning unless there is a natural disaster. I have found that it feeds goodness to my soul when I am running around feeling overwhelm to run past our room and see our bed made. What power it has for my well being! Something is right in the world. After a quick glance I feel slightly restored, renewed and empowered to clean and tidy other places in the house. Our bedroom is almost always a landscape of folded but not put away clothes, dirty clothes, receipts, books, wrapping paper, baby powder and other unimportant clutter, but all of that is null and void if the bed is made. I almost can’t see the chaos when I look at the bed. Though I admit these organizational issues are areas of great shame for me and are works in progress, I am proud to say most days, “I made my bed today!” One would think this is a problem to be conquered in our youth, but with another person contributing the chaos the dynamic is changed and you almost have to start the learning process over. I can’t imagine the joy I will feel when I master the tidying of the bedroom. A worthy goal indeed. Perhaps a new year’s resolution of some kind.

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