Are we always sick?

I am so sick of someone being sick. This fall Eddy was crazy vomit sick and the kids got it, too. Not me, I’m fine. Let me tell you, its really not as fun as it sounds to clean up after 3 sick family members. But we moved on. Then cold season hit. Both kids got something around Christmas, must’ve been before or something, hard to remember when it actually started or finished as the cough lasted FOOOOOORRREEEVVVVEEERRRR!!!! Emphasis required. Well I thought we were home free, paid our dues, settled our debts to the illness fairies and whatnot. I was wrong. It started again on Sunday after church. An innocent little cough, cough from Josiah, easily dismissed as a fluke, only to be doubled in intensity an hour later. Tonight he had a fever and I’ve already prepared myself to hunker down this week to try and keep this thing contained. I really can’t get sick right now either. I’m helping lead a super-crazy-cook-all-day thing on Saturday for 7 families in our church, now is not the time to be sick.

The verdict is still out on the crib jumping issue. We are heavily leaning toward toddler beds which are really not as pricey as I had thought, especially since someone is letting us use their old one. We definitely have to transition them both at the same time, though. A friend of mine said once the toddler bed was established she had to put safety things on the door knobs so her little boy couldn’t wander the halls in the middle of the night. I’ve heard over and over that this along with potty training is never as bad as you think it will be. That still doesn’t comfort me. In fact I’m starting to feel grumpy just typing about it.
Topic change: The weather, everyone loves to talk about the weather. Its cold. We still have little-to-no snow for which I’m terribly disappointed. I want the fluffy stuff. Everything looks brilliant in a blanket of white fluff. That would help take my mind off this toddler bed stuff. Look at that, we already returned to that wretched topic. Sigh.

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