Crib Jumping

It just happened moments ago. Emma fell out of her crib. I have no idea how she actually did it, though she must’ve climbed. She’s ok. A little shook up. Not as shook up as I am. What does this mean? Do we have to move to a toddler bed already? I was starting to think that maybe we would keep them in the cribs as long as possible and skip the toddler bed, moving to big beds that could work as bunk beds, ya know to save a bit of cashola, but I don’t know, it seems a bit early for a big bed, they could probably share one. How scary. Maybe we’ll just put the mattress on the floor, but the whole staying in the bed thing its just a Pandora’s box. I knew she’d be the first, that little monkey. She’s crazy flexible and unbelievably strong. She can practically get in the tub by herself. Oh man, what are we gonna do?
Whenever scary things like this happen I remember my Mom sharing the story of my brother who was the king of crazy as a toddler and how she’d prayed after a particularly scary episode of daredevilness that God would help her to just keep him alive. This is how I feel a lot. Its survival of the fittest out there in toddler land. I better go check on them, they’re starting to sound rowdy again.

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