Little Helpers

Sometimes having Emma and Josiah help is really fun. Like when we are throwing the balls around the house and we don’t want to chase them, the kids just love running after them. Shoot, they are better at fetch than our old dog, Max, ever was. He would just stare at us as we hollered, “FETCH, MAX!” We would even act it out for him so he knew what we meant, but alas his pea-sized brain never quite got it. He’d always have this really happy, goofy, tongue-hanging-out-dumb look on his face while we showed him, almost like he was getting way more amusement out of our efforts than he would from chasing the ball. I miss the big goof-ball. I guess he has a pretty plush life down in Oklahoma now.

Anywho, most of the time when the kids help its much more work than if we were to just do it ourselves. Of course its worth it in the end, but things can get complicated and its better if you try not to think about it ahead of time. Like for instance. . . last night as I was rolling out the dough for supper, Emma came right over to help. So I put her on the chair and had her do a couple rounds of rolling. Its never that easy with two, though. Josiah came running across the kitchen to see what all the fun was and predictably wanted to do it, too. As you can see he was already stealing some of the dough while she was rolling it. So I put Emma down and put Josiah in the chair for a couple of rolls, Emma started crying, so I turned and explained that Josiah needed his turn too, which was just enough time for Josiah to rip some edges off the dough and shove them into his mouth all between rolls. Josiah that’s yucky, I said, but that made him do it significantly faster, then he picked up the rolling pin to hit the table. Ok no more helpers, thanks everybody, all done. Even after I put Josiah down he was reaching up to the top of the table for more scraps of dough, while Emma is crying and repeating, “EMMA, EMMA, EMMA, NO, NO, NO!” I have no idea when I took these photos during the whole episode, they look so happy! Oh well, I have to say, despite the extra effort its pretty fun in hindsight, but you have to keep your eyes peeled for the dough-stealers.

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