Missed Opportunities, Treasured Moments.

Everyday something crazy cute happens when I wish I had a camera in my eyeglasses to capture it instantly(like something I imagine a spy using).

This morning I was getting the kids clothed, which takes 15-30minutes for whatever reason, and Emma laid her head down on top of a blanket. Josiah saw this from across the room and unable to resist a good cuddle time, came straight over to rest his head on top of hers while giving a big hug. They did this for a long time sort of laughing and I said, “Stay right there! Momma’s gonna be right back.” Then I bolted down the stairs and opened the top drawer of the bureau, yanked the camera from its case and hurried back up the stairs to their room only to find they were running around again. Schnicklefratz!

Again this happened this afternoon after lunch. Forgive the extra details here, but the prelude to the crazy cute moment was also worth noting. We were singing the ABC’s(I was the only one singing, but heads were bopping along.) and Josiah out of nowhere needed to get down from the table. I thought he must have been full and let him go. He ran out of the room and was gone for a while. He came back into the dining room dragging the ABC quilt from the living room so he could follow along with the song. Then he ran back out after a few more rounds of ABC’s to grab the other quilt we have downstairs so Emma would have something to lay on. The Kodak moment arrived as they both laid down on their backs parallel to each other and were kicking their legs up at the same time and then laughing hysterically as their legs crashed to the ground. They did this maybe 20 times, yet still it wasn’t enough time for my brain and body to agree to go get the camera. Oh well.

There are no pictures to include for precisely this reason, sorry.

Maybe its a good time to review some of the older posts, like the We’re Back! Christmas one, where it was brought to my attention the wording in a particular section at the bottom was suggesting of things highly inappropriate for this column. Apologies for this error that I can’t even repeat because its so humiliating. Let’s just say, if you read it and nothing seemed funny, disregard this whole paragraph. If you did find the unintended humor, rest assured it has been corrected. Thanks, Dad.


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