Project Binky Removal.

Day 4 of Project Binky Removal. We are alive. They are alive. The binkies are gone and minus a few small blips in the matrix we are surviving it well. They still fuss a bit when we put them down, but its been getting much better. The real problem has been they are taking shorter naps and waking much earlier in the morning. But this too is getting better. I’m pleased and its one less thing to find(they liked to chuck them across the room or exchange them with each other) each time we lay them down. No more crawling under the crib searching for the elusive wet binky. Hurray!

Other news. . . well, I don’t have much today.
Emma has been fascinated with my shoes lately. (Which are terribly worse for wear and (said with great shame) fixed with duct-taped. They have since been replaced.)

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